An addendum to our website,, here we'll show more pictures, pedigrees, and so forth for our kennels located in the beautiful South Carolina upstate.
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Latest pics of the pups.

It's been a while since I posted any new pictures of the pups on here, but here they are now.

Here's Xena Warrior's Princess - she's from Warrior and Sydney, whom we used to have. Xena is black and tan. She was born on Sept. 21 - now 5 weeks old.

And these are Reba's litter - our E Litter: They are all black & red sable.

This is Eli - under that camo bandana, he wears the Yellow collar. He's 8 weeks old now.

Here's Eliott - now 8 weeks old - he wears the Green collar.

This little one is Elmo - He's also 8 weeks old - He's now wearing the Black collar.

And this one is Everest - He's 8 weeks old - He wears the Green & White collar. Isn't his posture just perfect?

This pretty girl we call Dottie - she's on her way to Alabama today.

Eeyore is now Max - He lives in Greenwood, SC now.

Then these are Britney's litter - our F Litter:

This pretty white boy is Falcor - He's 7 weeks old now.

Then next is Frazier - he's 7 weeks old and wears the Yellow & White collar. He's black & silver sable.

This is Frodo - he's 7 weeks old and wears the Purple & White collar. He's also black & silver sable.

This black and silver beauty is Roxi - formerly called Fiona - She's soon on her way to Ft. Stewart, GA.

Here's Feisty - She now lives in Tega Cay, SC.

Here's Fritz - we don't know what his new name will be - He's in Odenton, MD now.

This little beauty is Felicia - We will keep her for our youngest daughter. She hasn't decided what to name her yet. She just calls her "Precious".

And here is Keera Ravenna von Magnum - We'll keep her also.