An addendum to our website,, here we'll show more pictures, pedigrees, and so forth for our kennels located in the beautiful South Carolina upstate.
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Here's some new snow pictures

Here's Smokey - six weeks pregnant -

Here's Magnum -

And Jackson - (this little cajun didn't like the snow) -

Now Britney (from New Hampshire) loved it - She's also six weeks pregnant.

Anya was very excited to be playing in the snow.

Little Tasha - only 12 weeks old - had a ball romping in the snow -

New Pups for Lady - Born Wednesday

Lady x. Max produced our O Litter on Wednesday, February 10. She has six pups - three males & three females.

Here's the mom and pups on the eve of delivery -

Here's the three male pups -

Here's the three female pups -