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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Seven Blue Pups

At 6:45 this morning Halley's contractions started (after I had stayed up most of the night with her). Then at 8:45, the first blue pup was born (the one on the left). Ten minutes later, at 8:55, the second pup was born. They were both girls. I took these pictures with my cell phone camera, so the quality is not great.

At 10:20, the first boy was born. Why do they always try to crawl back where they came from?

Then twenty minutes later, at 10:40, another girl was born.

Almost an hour went by before the next one came - another girl at 11:30.

And then ten minutes later, at 11:40, another boy.

More than an hour went by, and Deanna brought home lunch. I took a 10-15 minute lunch break. When I went back at 1:15, Halley was cleaning no. 7, another little boy - I put him down for 1:10.

It's now 3:39 and she seems to have stopped. (But we are keeping our eyes on her.) She seems to have stopped at 7, the number of perfection - 3 boys and 4 girls - here they all are. Mother and pups resting comfortably.


Anonymous said...

We are so excited. The kids (Samantha and Ethan) are thrilled! We love the pictures, and we'll keep checking.
Matt and Jen Goodman

Anonymous said...

Judy & Paul,

Congratulations on the newest additions under your kennel name. Mom and pups look great, can't wait to see updated pictures as they progress.