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Saturday, November 21, 2009

I have not kept up with the blog the way I would have wished, but let's begin anew --

Bella delivers through the night and has eight beautiful little black and red pups. She began her labor last night around 10:00, and by noon today had whelped six boys and two girls. She was quite the trooper throughout and today seems none the worse for the wear.

Bella was one of five pups born here in Tasha's first and only litter. Some may remember that during delivery of Tasha's second litter one of the pups turned, cutting off the blood to the uterus, and the entire litter of five was lost, as was Tasha's uterus, ovaries, and all chances to produce any more pups. Bella's sire Zane, owned by Shane and Ashley Ezell, has also not produced any more litters. So Bella, her two sisters, Lili and Kayla, and her two brothers, Brutus and Capone, are Tasha's and Zane's lone progeny. But now --- GRANDPUPPIES!!!

So now Bella becomes our first second generation mother here at Ravenna Kennels. She's the first to whelp a litter who was also born here. She actually whelped in the same birthing room in which she was born. We're so excited -- we've been anticipating this litter for a while.

Here are mother and pups.

Here's Amigo, the pups' sire.

Here's the eight pups.

And here's Bella when she was a pup here at Ravenna Kennels.

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